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Shipping details

I will ship your order by USPS or UPS. I give you my word, I work hard at keeping the shipping pricing as low as possible. We can work together on upgrades or preferres methods if necessary. I will always do my best to meet your deadlines as I am capable. Your time frames are important to me. I want to do everything I can to put a smile on your face and on the faces of those whom you are gifting to.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

I do accept returns as long as they are arranged ahead of time. ALL RETURNS REQUIRE A RAN (Return Authorazation Number). No return will be processed without a RAN. If an item is received without a RAN, it will not be processed, nor will it be returned back to you. Please be sure to get an RAN prior to sending anything back to me.

1.)Genereal Return: if you are unhappy with your purchase & want to exchange it for another product in my store, I will glady do so. Buyer is responsible for any additional charges. If I am responsible for an error I will pay the shipping. I am also happy to give the buyer a refund for the purchase price, not the shipping charges. Reshipping charges are paid by the buyer in the case of an exchange.

2.)Damage/Broken Item Returns: I stand behind each & every product I make. They are 100% guarenteed to be solid, strong, well made items. If there was damage to the items during shipping/packaging we will work together to process a claim & replace your item(s) to the best of our ability. Shipping charges will be refunded since it was a shipping problem.

3.) All returns must be reported to me via email within 10 days. All returns must be sent back within 14 days. There are no exceptions to these terms. Once the deadline arrives, the books are closed and no returns may be made.

4.) My goal is to make you happy. Always email me if you are not happy, I want to hear from you. I want to do my best to put smiles on your face. I want to be as fair as I possibly can.

Please remember to get a RAN!
RAN= Return Authorization Number

Additional information

A smile on your face is what counts the most to Daintie Designs!

Daintie Floral Accessories

Daintie Designs is a home based company that specializes in daintie hair designs, decor for your own creations, greeting cards and tags, favors, and many other gifts to give when you need something in a pinch. We are here to help you make someone smile. Daintie Designs is proudly owned and operated by a wonderful blind woman, Jennifer K. O'Hara. Please support the blind.

We offer the best customer service possible and take great pride in our talent and business tactics. We care about making you and those you gift to pleased with our creations.

We ask that you be a bit patience with us as our number one employee, our Daintie Creative Director, Jennifer Karen Corkrey O'Hara, is blind most of her day. She is our key team member. So things may go a little slower than we would like at times, but it doesn't stop us from being able to deliver our best to you.

We have a fun time and learn a lot here at Daintie Designs. The biggest thing we know is all we have is THIS moment so we enjoy it & we hope you do too! Remember; there is nothing that can stop you from following your dreams!

Enjoy THIS moment, for it is all we have!

Thank you for taking the time to visit us here. We hope to have new products up real soon. Thank you for your patience. We wish you the best always.

~The Daintie Designs Team~

146 Academy Lane
Sonoma, CA 95476-4303
United States of America
Tel: 866.800.2901
Fax: 866.800.2903

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